Marketing communications tell your story,
I take that story and visualize it in a way that effectively reflects your brand

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"Good design starts with asking the right questions, pointing into the right direction and the urge to create things that people really care about"

My name is Anoep Chowhari. Iím an independent, goal oriented Art Director with 15 years experience.† I stand for creative perfection, necessary solutions and visionary ideas.

I deliver content that is professional, aesthetic and functional.

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Consulting companies on how to translate their marketing and communication into visual strategy sits at the core of everything I do. †From here on out I art-direct, design and realize different types of media.

This process comes in three stages.

I Visual Strategy - finding practical solutions to creative problems

Marketing communications tell your story, I take that story and visualize it in ways that reflect your brand

II Art Direction & Design - building the foundation of visual expression

In this stage I design and layout the most suitable media while monitoring and managing the creative process

III Realization - producing actual products

Print, Online, Video, Animation, Presentations, Packaging, Special Products & Custom Projects


Visual Strategy & Design †is not just my business. Itís what keeps me up at night and gets me going.


I love to work and create stunning results for: lifestyle brands and products, passionate entrepreneurs and companies who recognize the value and importance of a strong presence.

Companies Iíve worked with:
Tax & Customs Museum Rotterdam, Rabobank, PostNL, Buhtiq, FixSupport, Levant, CleanLease Fortex, Circles Weddingrings, Fraai-Werk Light Design.

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+316 4152 9424